I’ve scheduled five more posts that will be uploaded to the Inner Sanctum this week.
Tolkien & Lewis Lecture #29
The twenty-ninth lecture in a 45-part series of audio lectures on the works of Tolkien and Lewis.
Favourite Books of 2010
Having stumbled upon an essay listing and describing the favourite new books that I read in 2010, I thought I’d share it with my inner-circle of friends.
Hamlet and the Reductionism of Relativism
I wrote this satirical essay as a way of exposing the absurdity of the modern academy, especially with respect to its abuse of Shakespeare.
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
In this essay I look at a couple of famous atheists who saw the light, recanting their atheism, suggesting that Richard Dawkins should take note.
Ladydale Diary
The latest in my weekly diary charting daily life with the Pearce family. This week’s diary focuses on critters of various kinds, especially several close encounters of a serpentine kind.
Apart from these five new posts, which will be uploaded over the next week or so, there is now more than six months of content in the Inner Sanctum, all of which is available exclusively to those who become donor-subscribers and supporters of my work by joining my inner circle of friends. I do hope you will consider joining us.