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Close Encounters of the Serpentine Kind


Ladydale Diary St. Robert Bellarmine, 2020 Where had all the frogs gone? For weeks, the duck pond had been filled with them. I could see them all plunging to safety from the bank into the murky depths when I went to let the ducks and chickens out in the morning. And then they were gone. [...]

Close Encounters of the Serpentine Kind2020-09-17T22:11:11+00:00

Wordsworth on Duty


Staying romantic with William Wordsworth, let's discuss his rejection of the obsession of the French Revolution with rights and his affirmation of the need for responsibility:

Wordsworth on Duty2020-09-17T21:40:00+00:00

Faith & Fairy Stories


What have faith and fairy stories to do with the real world? Are the truths to be found in fairy stories more real and practical than the sneer of the cynic or the promises of the politician? These questions are addressed in this essay of mine, just published by the National Catholic Register, in which [...]

Faith & Fairy Stories2020-09-17T10:27:06+00:00

Doctor WHO and Big Brother


There's something creepily Orwellian about the United Nations and those who call for the extension of its powers: https://theimaginativeconservative.org/2020/09/doctor-who-big-brother-joseph-pearce.html  

Doctor WHO and Big Brother2020-09-14T14:18:15+00:00

Are We Becoming a Nation of Gollums?


This was the question that I discussed this evening on the Catholic radio show hosted by Fr. Robert McTeigue, one of my favourite Jesuits. Listen to our discussion here: Links Episode Link: https://www.thestationofthecross.com/event/is-our-culture-addicted-to-pride/ Direct Audio link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/thecatholiccurrent/TCC-091120.mp3  

Are We Becoming a Nation of Gollums?2020-09-11T21:49:11+00:00

Solzhenitsyn and American Culture


I have contributed a chapter to an exciting new book on Solzhenitsyn, which I encourage all lovers of Western Civilization to read. Here's the flyer for the book: Deavel Wilson full page flyer (1)

Solzhenitsyn and American Culture2020-09-11T21:33:50+00:00

A Forest Fire with a Difference


Spending the weekend in a mountaintop cabin, my daughter and I were awestruck by a forest fire which blazed without burning. (The photograph, taken by Evangeline, shows me and Susannah with our good friends, Michael and Crystal Kurek, on the deck of the cabin in the Smoky Mountains.) Ladydale Diary St. Ambrose Barlow 2020 I’m [...]

A Forest Fire with a Difference2020-09-11T17:10:12+00:00
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