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Ladydale Diary


And so the plague is upon us, spread by our globalized and globalist “one-size-fits-all” culture. I'm doing my best to stay aloof by staying disengaged from the media and its hysteria-inducement. The whole thing is beginning to impact me, however, because I have a busy travel schedule on the horizon, commencing with a Chesterton Conference at Franciscan University next weekend, which has already been cancelled.

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Arguing but not Quarrelling with a Protestant


I’ve received an e-mail from a Protestant taking issue, charitably, with my pejorative use of the word “Protestant” in an interview published recently by the Imaginative Conservative. Here’s the text of his e-mail. My response follows.

Arguing but not Quarrelling with a Protestant2020-03-16T19:30:09+00:00
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