Love & Femininity

The July/August issue of the St. Austin Review is winging its way to the printer.

Highlights of the new issue:

  • Kathleen Curran Sweeney reflects on Charles Peguy’s poem, Eve.
  • Cristina Pineda finds “a new paradigm for healthy relationships” in Northanger Abbey.
  • Jacob Terneus admires “the pious sex”.
  • Sarah Kaderbek finds “feminine love and the love of the feminine” in the Lady Éowyn.
  • Lisa Coutras studies “Tolkien’s Theology of the Feminine” and finds “Heroic Love and the Marian Valkyrie”.
  • Kevin O’Brien considers “Women: The Only Realists”.
  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker flirts with “Ladies of the Knight”.
  • Manuel Alfonseca dismisses “Gender Ideology as a Pseudoscience”.
  • Bradley J. Birzer goes “From Venus to the Virgin, From Victory to Hope”.
  • K. V. Turley ponders “Greta Garbo’s Telling Silence”.
  • Ken Clark contemplates François Boucher’s Rest on the Flight to Egypt.
  • Susan Treacy interviews classical composer Mark Nowakowsky.
  • Donald DeMarco muses on “That Touch of Nature that Makes the Whole World Kin”.
  • John Beaumont witnesses the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin and Sacred Scripture on a convert’s path to Rome.
  • William Fahey writes “In Defense of a Paleo-Vacation”.
  • Fr. Benedict Kiely basks in “Gratitude and the Gospel Goodness of G. K. Chesterton”.
  • Stephen Tomlinson reviews Apostles of the Culture of Life by Donald DeMarco.
  • Lindsey Valancius reviews The Myth of an Anti-Science Church by Gerard M. Verschuuren.
  • Marie Dudzik reviews The Innocents and Other Stories by Gertrud von le Fort.
  • Plus new poetry by Molly Farinholt, Daniel Galef and Jane Greer.

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