What do Brigid Brophy, G. D. H. Cole, William de Morgan, Nigel Dennis, William Gerhardie, Richard Hughes, Ann Jellico, Alun Lewis, Robert Nichols, T. F. Powys, Jon Silkin, May Sinclair, J. C. Squire, Andrew Young and Francis Young have in common? The most obvious answer is that almost nobody has heard of any of them. The next answer is that they are all British literary figures of the twentieth century. The third and most scandalous answer is that they all warrant more space in The Oxford Companion to English Literature (5th edition) than does a certain J. R. R. Tolkien.
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The latest entry in The Ladydale Diary, giving my daily musings on life at home with my family, including what’s happening with the critters, wild and domesticated, in our yard and the woods surrounding our  home, what we’re reading as a family, what I’m watching, and where I’ve been travelling.
Unfalling Towers: My musings on Eliot’s The Waste Land, on Rome as the Eternal City and on the England that doesn’t die.
Tolkien’s Last Laugh: A look at the way that Tolkien is neglected, ignored and abused by England’s self-styled literati and how he has the last laugh at the expense of their silly superciliousness.
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