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Feasting in a Blaze of Glory


Ladydale Diary Saint Hilary of Poitiers 2022 This week has been overshadowed by sickness. I fell ill with flu-like symptoms last Sunday, which resulted in two almost completely sleepless nights, due to coughing and a sore throat. It wasn’t until yesterday (Thursday) that I started to feel somewhat better and I’m now definitely on the [...]

Feasting in a Blaze of Glory2022-01-14T22:39:05+00:00

Feasting for the Epiphany


Ladydale Diary Saint Raymond of Penyafort 2022 It’s the day after Epiphany, which means that the Ladydale Christmas celebration is almost over. Almost but not quite. More on that presently. Let’s begin by taking things up from where we left off. The last Diary entry was on the feast of Saint Thomas Becket, otherwise known [...]

Feasting for the Epiphany2022-01-07T22:41:41+00:00

Is God Beyond Reason?


I tackle this axiomatic question in my latest essay for the Imaginative Conservative: https://theimaginativeconservative.org/2022/01/is-god-beyond-reason-joseph-pearce.html The image is The Music of the Ainur by Jef Murray.

Is God Beyond Reason?2022-01-06T10:54:55+00:00
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