Thoughts from Home and Abroad

New Film on Tolkien’s Catholicism

This new film on Tolkien’s Catholicism is really a must-watch for all lovers of Tolkien and the Faith. It begins slowly but merits the time taken to watch it. I enjoyed the various scenes in English pubs (I write as an exile!) and especially the story of how the Devil’s Ring was scorched into the surface of the bar of a pub in Devon and how the Devil was driven away by the goodness of the ale he drank! Priceless! It’s the sort of yarn that Belloc would have delighted in telling. Any way, enjoy!

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Seeing Myself in Someone Else’s Conversion

If all roads can be said to lead to Rome, those roads are all very different and start from all four corners of the world and in all twenty-one centuries since the the founding of the Church. This being said and understood, I was very surprised to see surprising similarities between my own road to Rome and the road followed by someone whose path began from a very different time and place.

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