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Poem of the Week


Continuing the Belloc Festival to commemorate 150th anniversary of the great man's birth, Joseph Pearce reads and discusses three more of Belloc's poems.

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Poem of the Week


Continuing the Belloc Festival in the Inner Santum to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Belloc's birth, Joseph Pearce discusses Belloc's "Song of the Pelagian Heresy" and another song by Belloc, "His Hide is Covered with Hair". Joseph sings the former in his best Bellocian bellowing voice and reads the other with admirable constraint, avoiding the temptation to burst into song a second time. Mercifully!

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Ladydale Diary


A week of preparation for the teaching of a new course in the autumn, as well as online talks, classes and book clubs, and interviews for a Croatian newspaper and Catholic radio. As well as a little writing and some ale-imbibing leisure time with friends.

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Following in Frodo’s Footsteps


The latest of the interviews I did with David Bates for the "Pints with Jack" C. S. Lewis podcast is now live. The topic this time is my book, Frodo's Journey.

Following in Frodo’s Footsteps2020-07-18T00:31:05+00:00
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