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Contemporary Novels Worth Reading


I select fifteen favourites from my personal library of novels published in the twenty-first century... Fifteen Favourites: Contemporary Novels That Are Worth Reading ~ The Imaginative Conservative

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A New Catholic College


Father Dwight Longenecker and I discuss Rosary College with Eric Sammons, editor of Crisis... A New Catholic College (Guests: Joseph Pearce & Fr. Dwight Longenecker) - Crisis Magazine

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Can Beauty Save the World?


My discussion with Father Robert McTeigue about the power of beauty in general and the power of beauty in the liturgy in particular... https://oembed.libsyn.com/embed?item_id=32005677

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The Victorian Age in Literature


This episode from my series for EWTN on "Great Books Every Catholic Should Know" focuses on the work of Emily Brontë and Charles Dickens... Watch THE VICTORIAN AGE IN LITERATURE (ewtn.com)

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Why Read Poetry?


Poetry slows us down so that we can see and experience reality in the stillness of God's presence... In a Nutshell with Joseph Pearce 02: Why read poetry? (rumble.com)

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Something Beautiful for God


I couldn't resist sharing this excellent video promoting the wonderful new ballet, Raffaella, by my good friend, Michael Kurek, the premiere of which, this past weekend, was a rip-roaring success. All seats were sold and the standing ovation at the conclusion of each performance was prolonged and effusive. I'm only wishing that I could have [...]

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