What’s Wrong: Pride & the Fall of Modernity

The new issue of the St. Austin Review will be winging its way to subscribers imminently. Highlights of the September/October issue:

  • Joseph Pearce sees Pride as “what’s wrong” with modernity and the cause of its fall.
  • Mark Deavin uncovers “the true horror of the Nazi euthanasia murder program”.
  • Lord David Alton laments those who are “turning a blind eye to the murder and rape of Christians”.
  • Louise Merrie is “accompanying the sick with love”, offering “a Catholic solution to euthanasia and assisted suicide”.
  • Stephen Brady asks “who or what controls the world economy?”
  • The Quinsigamond Group argues that “expanding employee ownership” is the key to “a stronger American economy”.
  • William Randall Lancaster waxes sagacious “on language and liberty”.
  • Charlotte Ostermann offers “notes toward a Catholic way”.
  • Donald DeMarco connects “deconstruction and the fall of man”.
  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker foresees “the abolition of man … literally”.
  • Kevin O’Brien wonders whether there can be “a climate change in the climate of opinion”.
  • Fr. Benedict Kiely perceives a Christian phoenix “rising from the Albanian ashes”.
  • K. V. Turley detects “unquiet graves and troubled consciences” in the film, The Act of Killing.
  • Gwyneth Thompson-Briggs acknowledges “the strokes of the master” in the full colour art feature on her work.
  • Louis Markos reviews The Eighth Arrow: Odysseus in the Underworld by J. Augustine Wetta.
  • Matthew P. Akers reviews The Idol of Our Age by Daniel J. Mahoney.
  • Gwen Adams reviews The Bump on Brannigan’s Head by Myles Connolly.
  • Marie Dudzik reviews The Catholic Writer Today and Other Essays by Dana Gioia.
  • Plus new poetry by Pavel Chichikov, Diarmaid Ó Conghaile, Megan Reznicek and Denise Sobilo.

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