Pearce on Patrick

I was honoured to give a talk in Washington DC on St. Patrick’s Day for the Institute of Catholic Culture. My talk was on St. Patrick’s Breastplate. Before and after my talk, there was great Irish music and dancing. Those wishing to watch the video of the talk and/or join the party with the Irish musicians and dancers, need look no further than this link:

A Light in the East

The late Fr. Milward was much more than a leading scholar of Shakespeare and Hopkins. He was also a keen observer of culture, seeing it through the lens of his training as a Jesuit and also from the perspective of more than sixty years of teaching in Japan. Here is my tribute to Fr. Milward’s insights into the true meaning and purpose of education:

Join Me in France this Summer

I will be returning to Chavagnes International College in the beautiful Vendée region of France this summer to teach a one-week intensive course on “The Annointed Imagination”, which will cover the full spectrum of great literature from Homer to Tolkien. Please do consider joining me. Details of the Conference and of the MA program offfered by The Studium at Chavagens are given in the following links:


The Studium, for the MA etc: